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ACODEVhas supported 189 in-school orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs)with scholastic materials  to support them in their third school term. Each child received a dozen of 96 page books[ZK1]  and a bic pen. All of the students are from the sub counties of Bwera, Karambi and Nyakiyumbu in Western Uganda. These scholastic materials have continued to help the OVCs succeed  in class and continue their education. In addition,six of these OVCs were supported[ZK2]  with school fees and these included Bwambale Geoffrey S.3 Rusese Pride Secondary School. Biira Jackline S.3 Karambi Secondary School, Bwambale Amos S.2 Karambi Secondary School, Masereka RonaldS.2 Karambi Secondary School, Ithungu Dolica S.4 Nyakiyumbu Secondary School and JohnMuhindo S.4 Nyakiyumbu Secondary School[ZK3]

Furthermore 27 Community Volunteer Counselors from the three sub counties of Bwera, Karambi and Nyakiyumbu were also supported with T-shirts to help them in identification during project implementation in the communities where they work.[ZK4]
[ZK1]What kind of books? Notebooks?
[ZK2]Need to use another word, not support.

ALSO: How do we select who receives scholarships?
[ZK3]I don’t think we should write their whole names. Maybe first name, grade, and school
[ZK4]How did they help with the project? Did they identify the students? Why do we care that they got free t-shirts?

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